October 2017 – Required Reading

Maximizing your referrals If you don’t have enough clients and need more referrals, the following two books will fix that in this order.  First read “Book yourself Solid” 2nd Ed. by Michael Port.  I was turned on to this book by Maritza Nelson, a business attorney in Gahanna, Ohio.  This book will teach you how […]

October 2017 – Turn on the cash flow

How to generate steady, predictable income In the beginning, my month to month was like a rollercoaster.  I would have a good month with plenty of work followed by a bad month of hardly any work, and then another good month, followed by another bad month and so on – up and down like a […]

October 2017 – Watch Me Grow

Helping Attorneys Grossing under 100K Break the 6-figure Barrier. The Power of Referrals When I first opened my law office, I sincerely believed that internet advertising was the best way to generate potential new client (PNC) leads.  There was no end to the search engine optimization (SEO) and online directory companies only too happy to […]

October 2017 – The Ethics Corner

Ethics Questions from Readers. Legal Ethics Advice and Counsel for Solos and Small Firms. I do personal injury (PI) and I was thinking about offering a small referral fee to attorneys in other firms to encourage them to refer PI cases to me. Is this a good idea? Personal Injury Attorney – Columbus, Ohio No!  […]